Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...

Originally uploaded by Jagosilver.

Here's me and Lily Peach on my birthday. We went for a walk in the woods at Helland.


Sarah said...

Hi - Happy Birthday for Wednesday!

I've just stumbled over your site whilst googling "Jago" as we've just named our new son Jago and have had lots of comments about his chosen name - good and bad! Obviously I love it... can I ask, is it your real name? How have you felt about it over the years?

Your art work is truly wonderful - congratulations on being able to do something you love and are talented at for a living!

Anonymous said...

Well now! Another wonderful Scorpion... *
Jago into Google because my grandson (who lives with me) is a Jago. And he got 'The Little Red Hen" in his Treasure Box from nursery.
Jago the name is universally liked, but especially by the family, I suppose. I know it's Cornish - Lizzie chose it because of the Barbara Trapido character. But it's a perfect name: short, euphonic, unusual.
And the obvious choice for anyone destined to be famous!
Best wishes to you and your gorgeous family.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to elaborate on the asterisk: one of my children is a wonderful scorpion. Very nice star sign.