Friday, March 24, 2006

Myron selected for "White Ravens 2006"

Just received some information from the author of Myron's Magic Cow, Marlene Newman.

"It is our pleasure to inform you that we have selected the book - Myron's Magic Cow by Marlene Newman and Jago, published by Barefoot Books - as one of the titles for The White Ravens 2006, our annual selection of outstanding international books for childrens and young adults, which will be presented at our stand at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

The books for this year's exhibition (250 titles in 32 languages from 47 countries)have been selected from the thousands of books our library recieves as review copies from publishers, authors and illustrators from all over the world within the last year.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue containing bibliographical data and annotations for each of the selected books...."

You can see their website here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Human Pyramid

Here's me, my dad and my brother attempting an incredible acrobatic feat on the beach the other impressed!

See a photo here

Myron's Magic Cow - Reviewed again!

Myron's Magic Cow
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Here's another review of Myron, sent to me by the author.....

Children's Literature - Elizabeth D. Schafer
Myron dislikes going to the store for his Mama, who never asks his brother or sister to run errands. An empty milk carton results in Myron heading once again to the store with a five dollar bill so his Mama can prepare pancakes for her family's breakfast. Leaving his apartment building, Myron dutifully maneuvers through his urban surroundings toward his destination. A blond woman resembling Goldilocks stops him and tells him she knows about his milk woes. Confused how a stranger could know his problem, Myron silently listens as the woman pulls an enormous cow from an alley. Referring to Jack, as in the magic beanstalk, she grabs Myron's money and thrusts the cow's rope at him, dashing away in a car with three bears. Myron, stuck with the predicament of dealing with the disagreeable cow, trudges home. He appeases the cow, discovering she is grateful Myron rescued her from the bears, and offers him more opportunities than as a consistent milk supplier. Illustrations effectively elaborate the fantastical situations Myron encounters. Read this book with Jon Scieszka's picture books, Colin and Jacqui Hawkins's Fairytale News (2004), and Tim Egan's Metropolitan Cow (1996) to discuss the use of puns, anthropomorphism, and appropriation of fairytale characters and themes in storytelling. 2005, Barefoot Books, Ages 4 to 8.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sam Dooley

Me and Sam (1993)
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My good friend Sam Dooley has a blog, go and look at it. He's creating lovely things and building a coracle....I'm very jealous.

The photo above was taken thirteen years ago when we were setting off on an expedition.

My cooler, younger, brother.....

Jonah at Polzeath
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At Polzeath yesterday, enjoying our's raining again today :¬(

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Just finished re-building my website and used the fantastic Lightbox javascript that allows pictures to open on a semi transparent "layer" above the website. Take a look at my portfolio pages to see it in action. If you want to download it for yourself head on over to the Lightbox site.

Our new house - a slideshow

New website!

New website!
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Here's the menu bar from my newly re-designed website, take a look!

I've also moved back to Blogger, the WordPress affair didn't work out, so for the time being at least I'm back here. The WordPress blog will simply be a linkblog from now on.