Friday, September 01, 2006

My dad and his blog in The Western Morning News

Andy Titcomb, 51, a potter based in the North Cornwall village of St Mabyn, has been making teapots since the late 1970s. Such is Mr Titcomb's devotion to his craft, he set up a blog called Teapots, Teapots, Teapots in June last year.
"Being a teapot-maker, I wanted to help promote interest in teapots and no one else was doing it," says the Exeter Art College graduate.
Recent posts on the colourful site include "dragon handle" teapots coming up for auction around the world, an unlikely "rocker on a motorbike" available on eBay for £36, and "The Ugliest Teapot in the World?" which features a battered silver teapot typically found at a church fete.
Mr Titcomb reckons the blog attracts as many as 300 readers a day, primarily from the US. On occasion there has been a bumper readership - a common feature when blogs are linked by counterparts that boast a premier league audience.
Mr Titcomb says: "My website was mentioned on author Neil Gaiman's (science fiction and fantasy novelist) blog and I had more than 3,000 visitors to my site in a few hours. My Internet service provider took my website down because of the large volume of traffic."Teapots, Teapots, Teapots is indicative of how simple the technology is.
Mr Titcomb says he read about the rise of blogging one day and set up his own forum the next. He posts new entries every day - and within 20 minutes he is back at the potter's wheel.

If technology buffs are to believed, there's one born every second. Blogging is an Internet phenomenon growing at such breakneck speed that the number of so-called blogs doubles every six...

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