Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WOW! Award details....

Below is an excerpt from the SCWBI international newsletter regarding the WOW! Award that I won...and it mentions my book.

"Every year, the highly respected National Literacy Association (NLA) in the UK selects books from hundreds entries for their WOW! Awards. Publishers send in their best books to the NLA Guide, and WOW!s are selected from these. And how are the winners selected? According to an excellent set of criteria, no doubt. But here's one simple way to think about it: WOW!s are a purely subjective award made to those products of any genre and for any range that draw a collective gasp of wonder from the [judging] Panel.

This year, there were eight WOW!s awarded. Among the 2006 WOW! winners: "The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat," re-told by L.R.Hen and illustrated by Jago, published by Mantra Lingua; available in 32 dual language editions. "A Kick in the Head - an everyday guide to poetic forms" selected by Paul B Janecko, illustrated by Chris Rashcka, published by Walker Books; lively enough to kick start the muse in even the most poetically challenged."

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