Friday, July 01, 2005

The Cinderella Project (2nd Illustration - detail)

The Cinderella Project (2nd Illustration - detail)
Originally uploaded by Jagosilver.

Here's a detail showing Cinderella's father wih her step mother and an ugly sister.


nat said...

hi, im a 17 yr old student at bodmin college in cornwall currently starting my new A Level project, i have chosen to focus around illustration, especially childrens stories. i found your work whilst browsing the net and am very interested in your illustrating.i was just wondering,if it's not to much trouble if you could email me any helpful info about yourself,techniques you use or other interesting facts!it would also be very helpful to see any exhibitions of your work but couldn't find any recent displays,are there any?i could only find to contact you on this site so hope this finds you ok!thankyou very much natalie from bodmin college

Jago said...

Hello Natalie

I'm afraid I don't have any exhibitions, but you can see more of my work on As for techniques, I produce all my work digitally using scanned in textures put together with Photoshop. I draw on the computer using a Wacom pad. I went to Truro College and did a GNVQ in Art and Design and then a degree at Falmouth Art College in Illustration, but there's more info on the website.

You can buy the Brave Tales series of books that I illustrated in most local bookshops (I know that Wadebridge bookshop and Trelawney garden centre have copies, I think The Bodmin Bookshop in Honey St does too)

Hope this helps and all the best with your A-levels